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Translation Hagiya Keigo Potato 2011 10

The truth is, I don't really like jet coasters. If it's on a normal level I can go on it, in theme parks i I feel it's impossible just by looking at the scary stuff. [CHINO has a limit right (...this didn't make sense to me...)] I think. Also, ghost houses are not really my forte. Thinking like that the truth is that I'm surpsisingly a weak person (laugh). If it's about a member, Morohoshi is weak at the mornings, when we shared a room, even if you yelled he didn't wake up.... It isn't really surprising, right?(laugh)

[SUMMARY 2011] Well then, when I'm flying I'm being upside down and I'm getting the chance to show the ability of playing the drums in that condition. If the balance changes a little, my body spins around, so it's really hard everytime. But I think that gradually improvement will come.  That said, the fact that I can show this makes me happy.

New community~~

 Hi there everyone! :D

I just created a community for Johnny's jr...So if you're interested, don't hesitate to join! :D <3


 I'm getting annoyed so easily nowadays..and I don't know why......and that's annoying...And I'm feeling a bit upset because super junior is going through stuff...like Kangin is going to the militay.....  


Ughhhh.....Guess what happened yesterday...! I sprained my knee! while playing ping-pong :O!  But it doesn't hurt anymore...But I can't walk properly, but that will dissapear in a week x3

But otherwise I'm happy...:D

Have a nice day!!!!<33



.....A couple of weeks ago something amazing happened..! .....I got interested in Kpop!!!!!! :D I'm so happy :D
My kpop favorites are Heechul from super junior and Hongki from ft island.....aaah...


I'm so happy today ><! I got to meet my best friend yesterday and we had a sleepover...My sister was there too but it was still fun :D

But anyways...we started the day by being in a café ( I ate so much there...x3) and after that we just walked around in different stores...we tried on shoes because my friend has really big feet so it's hard to find shoes in her size xP

When we were done we bought ramen in a cup...It was very dellicious...Oh, and we also made onigiri last ninght...my were kind of fail-ish but I'm not a very good cook so it's okay :D

well I guess that's it for today... :P

Ps: Happy Birthday Yabu :D <3



...I have written so much today...mainly random stuff of course...and that made me SO tired, but I could also be tired because I was awake until around 3 last night...and I'm one day closer to the beginning of school.. And I'm not thrilled to study again after such a carefree holliday ><
If only we didn't start on a monday.....:/

But it will be fun, kind of..Because I'm getting a new teacher! :D and it's a girl too ...I hope she's nice though...


Cold x(

It's really cold here >< It's colder than usuall...It's almost -40 degrees celcius...WHY? It's nice if it's around zero degrees..this is just to much...luckally I don't spend much time outside..And soon I'll have school again...*sigh* ...Let's hope for warmer days :/


Sleeping issues :3

Yesterday I couldn't sleep, so instead of actually trying to sleep I was awake...And why? Only because of the fact that I saw my old school stuff from when I was about six years old. I decided to look at how much my progress has been trough the years..and i came to a conclusion, that I was a really stupid kid....But that's not the point. The point is that I was awake half of the night just looking at my old stuff. And when I woke up I wasn't even tired...

This entry is kind of random but I am very random! xD 

Oh and by the way, I changed my journal to a pink theme >< so pretty :D



My First Entry


So...THIS is my first entry at my livejournal and I don't know if anyone will actually read this..

But I hope that I will have fun here at livejournal and that I'll have lots of friends..I'm not used to posting so this could be a bit akward... :D Someday maybe a few people will read this and think that it's a bit fail-ish but I tried atleast  XD 

That's all for now i guess... :P